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Exploring the evolution of grasslands in Natura 2000 sites

Based on satellite data, EU Grassland Watch provides grassland information in 3689 Natura 2000 sites in 27 EU Member States. Covering the period from 1994 until present, the information in this portal exploits Landsat and, since 2016 Copernicus Sentinel 1 and 2, images. Users can explore grassland cover changes at land parcel, Natura 2000 site or regional levels.

At present, the portal covers Natura 2000 sites that were previously mapped in the frame of the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service.

The development of this portal is a pilot project financed by the European Parliament. Further updates and improvements of the contents of this portal, including an increase in the number of Natura 2000 sites to be covered, will take place in the near future.

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images used so far
Each year EU Grassland Watch has collected and analysed up to 100 000 images to generate land monitoring information. Between 1994 and 2018 a total image area of 6.65 billion km2 were used, which would cover the Earth 13 times as a single layer.
of Natura 2000 sites mapped
Each year EU Grassland Watch provides information on land cover / land cover changes for 3 689 Natura 2000 sites, selected for their high conservation value for species-rich grasslands. These sites cover almost 25 % of the total land area of the Natura 2000 network.
of grassland mapped within sites
The total area of grasslands in the EU-27 is approximately 736 000 km2. EU Grassland Watch is mapping only 5 % of these grasslands within the selected Natura 2000 sites but they are likely to be the most important species-rich high biodiversity examples.
Note: Situation as of 2018